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Online live broadcast, national fashion New tricks played in the paper exhibition

release date: Source: Chinese paper author: Zuo Huiqin

on May 28, the household paper exhibition ended successfully in Nanjing. Compared with last year, this year's exhibition venue is larger, the number of visitors is more, and at the same time, there are many new tricks

online live broadcast has become the mainstream. "3, 2, 1, link on..." The huge exhibition hall is full of the sound of live broadcasts of major household paper brands. It is not difficult to meet the conditions of live broadcast. A united TV, a magnesium lamp, and a speaker who is familiar with household paper products can build a live broadcast with goods in a space that does not include: impact testing machine, impact specimen notch broaching machine, low-temperature trough, impact specimen notch projector on one side, distribute benefits in the live broadcast room anytime and anywhere, interact with the audience, and complete a pen and online transaction in real time. Many well-known household paper brands not only have excellent products themselves, but also have their own solid fan base. For example, domestic product Zhihu has more than 23 million fans in its online flagship store, and tens of thousands of fans watch a single live broadcast every other day

during the epidemic period, offline physical stores were closed and businesses switched to online live broadcasting. The live broadcast has shortened the distance between consumers and merchants, and also improved sales efficiency. Under the influence of the Internet, 1 Experimental power: 2kg-20kg live broadcast with goods seems to become the mainstream of the exhibition. Brands can not only seek cooperation in the exhibition, but also do not affect the transaction, so as to maximize the interests as much as possible

the national trend leads the new fashion. Not only live broadcast, in recent years, Chinese style has been loved and recognized by more and more consumers, and household paper brands are not willing to be outdone. They have joined the national trend team, showing the national style on the packaging

the Qingfeng brand under the air group of household paper big head golden red leaf paper industry launched the original color paper of the Three Kingdoms. The packaging of this household paper is printed with figures and biographies of the Three Kingdoms period, such as Guan Yu, Zhou Yu, etc. coupled with exquisite ink paintings, it appears that the packaging lattice can achieve the effect of reducing weight and improving collision safety, which is elegant and elegant; Zhihu's "Dongdong vies for Yunren" series paper towels quote the prosperous background of the Tang Dynasty. On the package are simple and lively buildings of the Tang Dynasty and beautiful peonies, carp, ribbon birds and auspicious clouds, conveying Zhihu's corporate vision of bringing a better life to consumers

committed to environmental protection. Household paper packaging not only pursues the national trend, but also adheres to environmental protection. In order to comply with the national "plastic ban" policy and the "double carbon" development goal, the exhibition Dongguan launched two new technologies, one is to use paper instead of non-woven fabrics to make wet wipes; The other is to use base paper through certain surface treatment, and then print it to make paper packaging instead of plastic 3: regularly check the transmission of the sprocket and pack it with plastic, so as to make the product more green and environmental friendly. The production process of "Qinxin" natural color bamboo fiber paper under Yunnan Baiyao adopts displacement cooking, which has little impact on the surrounding environment. The black liquor produced in the process is recycled by alkali to recycle the extract

online live broadcast, creative nation tide, etc. Let us see that household paper enterprises and even the whole paper industry have been moving forward in combination with the current reality. I hope the next annual meeting of household paper will bring more surprises, and I also hope that the paper industry will have a better future

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