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Liuzhou ouvim Machinery Co., Ltd. hit the world's top again

Liuzhou ouvim Machinery Co., Ltd. hit the world's top again

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have you ever seen a bridge body with more than 20000 tons turn freely for nearly 100 degrees? On January 19, this historic and exciting moment was witnessed in Zoucheng City, Shandong Province

at about 14:15 p.m., the 22400 ton main bridge over the railway overpass on the 30 meter bridge in Zoucheng quietly got up and began its magnificent journey of perfect integration with "partners". Turning flexibly, smoothly and slowly, all the people on site, especially those builders, couldn't help but hold their breath and stared at this behemoth. Will it surprise people? After all, such a large tonnage manufacturer should add the corresponding control system to the swivel construction unprecedented

in the rotation of Zoucheng 30 meter bridge over the railway overpass

1 minute, 2 minutes... 10 minutes, 20 minutes... Time passes quietly, and the main bridge is constantly changing its angle. 1. It has also been used in wind power generation, solar power stations and other energy storage power systems. 5 degrees, 20 degrees, 25 degrees... The time seems to be much longer than usual

"perfect!" "Closed!" The scene, which had been silent for a long time, suddenly became jubilant! The main bridge, which carries people's hopes, finally lived up to its expectations. In the eyes of people, it turned clockwise 97.3 degrees, closely bonded with the bridge ends at both ends, accurately closed, crossed 14 railway lines of Beijing Shanghai railway, and completed a 100 minute perfect turn "journey". China's bridge special technology has reached the top in the world

it is reported that the swivel construction cable-stayed bridge has a length of 198 meters and a swivel weight of 22400 tons, breaking the original world record of 19600 tons of Ben ain bridge in Belgium. It is the largest weight of the swivel construction bridge in the world at present, marking that China's bridge swivel construction technology is at the international leading level

the length of the ejector rod should be adjusted and fixed; (2) The installation position of the reversing switch is improper. The perfect turning of Zoucheng Cross railway overpass is amazing. What kind of front-end technology and excellent construction personnel are behind this turnaround

the rotation of the railway overpass over the 30 meter bridge in Zoucheng is about to be completed

the construction personnel introduced that the bridge rotation construction is a method of bridge construction, which is especially suitable for crossing deep valleys or torrents, highway and railway overpasses, scenic spots, nature reserves and other restricted construction sites. During construction, the bridge body shall be poured or assembled at the position deviated from the longitudinal axis of the bridge. After it forms a unit as a whole and has a certain bearing capacity, the special large tonnage hydraulic jack traction equipment shall be used to rotate around the pier turntable in place. The bridge body of Zoucheng railway overpass was built along the railway line in the early stage, which did not affect the busy Beijing Shanghai railway traffic under the bridge at all; In the later stage, turn around 97.3 degrees through the swivel construction method, cross the railway line, and close to the approach bridges on both sides of the railway

according to the introduction of the sixth company of the bridge bureau, the general contractor of the project, the swivel special construction of this bridge, which has achieved the most special technology in the world, is subcontracted by Liuzhou ouvim Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ouvim company), a well-known enterprise in the industry. Ovim company is the largest enterprise in the same industry in China. It not only produces prestressed anchors, bridge cables, special construction equipment, bridge rubber bearings and other products, but also provides comprehensive services such as design, construction and testing. When the world-famous Oriental Pearl TV Tower TV Tower in Shanghai was built, ovim company was responsible for the overall installation of the antenna mast weighing 450 tons and 118 meters long. The height, weight and difficulty of the lifting were the highest in the world at that time

manager Wu, the project leader of ovim, said: this project has created three world firsts. The weight of the swivel bridge exceeded 20000 tons for the first time, and the swivel length reached 198 meters, unprecedented in history; For the first time, the horizontal rotation construction of more than 90 degrees was adopted, and the plane diameter of the rotary table ball joint broke through the industry, reaching 4.2 meters; It is the first time to adopt the design of low tower double column parallel double cable plane bridge and "π" box girder

due to the heavy swivel weight, large rotation angle, long beam and complex bridge type, and affected by the main tower, main beam line type, cable force of stay cable and swivel weight of the bridge, how to accurately locate, control the angular speed of the turntable and the linear speed of the beam end to move smoothly, so as to achieve accurate closure is a technical difficulty in the swivel process. In the face of many difficulties in the swivel project, ovim overcame many difficulties, repeatedly measured, tested many times, carefully allocated equipment, and finally formulated a perfect construction plan, which fully guaranteed the success of the bridge Swivel Construction in technology, equipment and personnel

it is understood that ovim has mature technology and rich experience in bridge swivel construction. In 2014 alone, it undertook a total of 12 bridge swivel projects, with its performance ranking at the forefront of the industry. It is the same type of large tonnage hydraulic jack continuous traction technology as the construction of the commissioning body of the 30000 ton spandex project in Chongqing. Ovim is also widely used in the translation and lifting of overweight and super large components, and the salvage of ocean sunken ships

Mr. Long Yue, chief engineer of ovim company, once laughed: "more than 2000 years ago Archimedes said that if you give me a fulcrum, you can pry up the earth; now ovim company says that as long as you can set up a fulcrum, we can lift or move any super heavy components on the earth."

Zoucheng turned around perfectly across the railway overpass, and another world record was born. After the completion of the bridge, it will become the main traffic trunk road connecting the East and West urban areas of Zoucheng City, which is of great significance to alleviate the traffic pressure of the city, organically combine the urban area divided by the original railway with Yankuang Group, improve the traffic conditions on both sides of the railway, improve the traffic system of the city and stimulate the local economy

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