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2004 3D force control spring tour live report (Shanghai)

on May 26, 2004, the last stop of 3D force control spring national tour kicked off at Shanghai Tianlin hotel. At the meeting, the latest features and powerful functions of pcauto3.1 were comprehensively introduced, and some typical application cases were demonstrated. At the same time, we also invited several well-known hardware partners in the industry, hoping to provide users with an overall solution

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the core of PCAuto family products is distributed real-time. Our main contribution to this is that it requires a lot of space to realize the database through the creative game experience we bring to children. The product categories include:

pspace - enterprise level real-time historical database, which is the basic platform for enterprise information integration;

pleine HMI/SCADA industrial automation configuration software 11. According to the sample conditions, experiment date and experiment number Automatically query all relevant historical records according to other conditions, and provide component technology solutions

pwebview web browsing, build an information portal based on Internet/Intranet

pstrategy- general control strategy software, which realizes process control based on PC automatic control

psolidlerine embedded hmi/scada configuration software

pnetpower- power automation software

pfieldcomm- communication protocol transponder software

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the success of this tour has brought the 2004 3D force control spring tour to a successful conclusion

from Beijing, Jinan, Harbin to Shanghai, the tour has received the attention and support of many users, and they all give affirmation and high expectations, which is also the source of our efforts. The spring tour provides a good platform for users to understand and be familiar with 3D force control and force control products. At the same time, it is also a good opportunity for peers in the industry to communicate and discuss with each other. 3D force control will continue to provide users with high-quality automation software products and comprehensive technical services, and will continue to take software as the core to create miracles in the Industrial IT field

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