Lixianyi, chairman of the most popular Xinyi Group

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Lixianyi, chairman of Xinyi Group, was elected as the leader of Hong Kong businessmen who have influenced the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone for 30 years. The selection of "leaders of multinational corporations and Hong Kong businessmen who have influenced the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone for 30 years" was announced on August 20, and 10 leaders of multinational corporations and Hong Kong businessmen were selected respectively. Lixianyi, chairman of the board of directors of Xinyi Group (glass) Co., Ltd., member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and a famous philanthropist, was selected as "the leader of Hong Kong businessmen who has influenced the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone for 30 years"

this event is held to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, show the achievements of reform and opening up, and commend the current good situation of the automotive industry, as well as the contributions made by foreign entrepreneurs and leaders to the construction and development of the special economic zone

according to the standards of innovation, influence, contribution and driving force, this selection activity lasted for 4 months to screen and review. On the basis of widely soliciting the opinions of all sectors of society, experts were invited to strictly select. The criteria for innovation include that the winner must be the creator of industry management or business technology, the visionary of industry trends, and the enterprise established or led by him has made major breakthroughs in management innovation, system innovation, market innovation, etc. In terms of influence, we should have modest character, firm entrepreneurial will, excellent innovation ability and recognized leadership temperament. In terms of driving force, its achievements have promoted enterprise leadership, industrial upgrading and technological development. The winner of contribution requirements is a pioneer of Shenzhen's reform and opening up, and the key to make outstanding business performance or social development in Shenzhen is to adjust its proportion according to its toughness requirements; Will contribute

Li Xianyi took "reputation first, loyalty for glory, self-improvement, and being kind to the world" as the core values of the enterprise, built an enterprise with sufficient indicators of construction land into an aircraft carrier of the glass industry, and participated in the formulation of China's glass [2. 75% industry standards. He returned to the society in various ways, accumulating charitable donations of more than 1. 600million yuan, becoming a respected public figure. He is enthusiastic about participating in politics and has won many awards for CPPCC proposals, which has played a positive role in promoting China's economic development and social progress

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