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Beijing glass "created in China" is the world's top all glass, but the sign of paper shortage is less obvious. Buildings appear in Shanghai

recently, at the foot of the famous Oriental Pearl TV Tower (600832) tower in Pudong, Shanghai, there were 12 pieces processed by Beijing glass, 12 pieces each. In addition to Putin's 8-meter-high cylindrical glass curtain wall building, which is Apple's largest flagship store in China (Pudong Apple Store), the circular column building with transparent glass structure echoes the Oriental Pearl TV Tower tower like a huge crystal lampshade. The beams and columns of the fully transparent building in Pudong Apple store are all made of glass, completely overturning the traditional architectural design, with transparent light and a full sense of future

the glass used for jacket extrusion in this building is the largest bending tempered glass in the world so far, which is independently developed and manufactured by North glass company. Ron Johnson Rony, senior vice president of Apple worldwide, spoke highly of the quality and creativity of glass and used "createin China" to describe it

James, the world's famous architectural glass structure designer, commented at the "2010 International Glass System (GDP) seminar": the super curved tempered glass produced by beige is comparable to any glass enterprise in Europe. Chinese enterprises have reached the forefront of the world in the processing technology of architectural glass! The birth of BG super curved tempered architectural glass has created a new category of architectural glass, greatly expanding the space for architectural designers to give full play

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