Changzhou donated more than 1000 tons of waste pap

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Changzhou donated more than 1000 tons of waste paper, worth 1.25 million

on September 27, it was learned from the Changzhou Municipal Youth League Committee that since the donation of a piece of waste paper and the dedication of a piece of Love Charity and public welfare activities, government agencies, enterprises and institutions and the general public have actively participated. So far, the donation of waste paper has reached 1000 tons, worth 1.25 million yuan

since the event was launched in May this year, 3158 love donation points have been built in the city, Opened 10 love, with broad prospects for use "This is very remarkable. A special station of love has been established. This series of measures has greatly reduced the number of plastic bags in circulation, increased awareness, and facilitated public donations. Party and government organs at all levels, institutions, financial institutions can predict, industrial enterprises above four stars, service enterprises above three stars, etc. are actively taking the lead. The participation rate and waste paper donation rate of waste paper donation activities have reached 100%

I also learned that goodness All the funds will be used to rescue children with congenital heart disease, and the Youth League Municipal Committee will carry out this activity at a selected time

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