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Changzhou Xinhuachang: change ideas to treat volatile organic compounds

Changzhou Xinhuachang: change ideas to treat volatile organic compounds

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[China paint information] as the "major emitter" of volatile organic compounds in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Changzhou Xinhuachang company actively adjusted its pollution control ideas, changing "recycling incineration" to "adsorption recycling", It not only recovers 99% of the organic solution discharged in the past, but also obtains economic benefits of more than 6 million yuan a year. Only what products do you have to let customers know what products are included in the experimental machine? The management cost was recovered in one year

Changzhou Xinhua Chang company is a backbone enterprise specializing in the production of containers in China, with an annual production capacity of 80000-100000 TEUs, and its production scale ranks among the top three similar enterprises in the country. Among them, more than 90% of containers are used for export

in the process of container production, there are three spraying processes: after the completion of container welding, the container body needs to be sprayed with primer, middle coat and outer coat. Due to the large scale of production, the company consumes more than 20 tons of paint every day. In the three spraying processes, a certain proportion of organic solvent thinner needs to be added. Therefore, in these three spraying processes, a large number of volatile organic compounds, mainly dimethyl216 push-pull steel window benzene, are often emitted, seriously polluting the environment

in order to control the pollution source in the spraying process, Changzhou Xinhua Chang company has adopted the "recycling incineration" technology, and installed volatile organic compounds gas recovery devices for the spraying process of primer, middle paint and outer paint respectively, so as to transport a large amount of recovered volatile organic compounds gas to high temperature. With the higher and higher level of modern production equipment, the incinerator will be incinerated intensively. Treating pollution in this way not only consumes gas worth tens of thousands of yuan every day, but also leads to a large number of organic solvents "turning treasure into ash". At the same time, in the process of burning volatile organic compounds at high temperature, it also causes "secondary pollution" to the atmospheric environment

in 2012, Wujin District launched a special action of "sweeping away the haze and seeing the blue sky" in response to the serious pollution of volatile organic compounds. The leadership of Changzhou Xinhuachang company decided to change the idea of pollution control from "recycling incineration" to "adsorption recycling", because only by recycling and utilizing the dilute gas of organic solution can we fundamentally "encircle" volatile organic compounds in place

in order to find a new way of clean governance, the company has conducted extensive research throughout the country, but has not found a successful example of recycling organic solution diluent gas. To this end, Changzhou Xinhua Chang company and a local environmental protection company dealing with air pollution have joined hands to tackle the technical problem of "adsorption recovery" of organic solution diluent gas. Since June, 2012, they have carried out more than 20 tests focusing on the problem of "adsorption" of dilute gas of organic solution, and finally made a major breakthrough

they use the activated carbon adsorption device to adsorb the diluent gas of organic solution, which not only makes more than 80% of the diluent of organic solution return to the spraying process for reuse, but also eliminates 99% of the volatile organic compound gas

after the progress of the "adsorption recovery" process research, Changzhou Xinhua Chang company immediately raised more than 6 million yuan to build a set of organic solvent recovery devices in the primer, intermediate paint and outer paint sections of the spraying workshop. After the operation of the new "adsorption recovery" system, the benefits will appear: About 550000 yuan worth of organic solution thinner per month is recycled by the activated carbon adsorption device and then reused in the spraying production

the person in charge of production and environmental protection of the company told that the enterprise benefited greatly from changing the idea of pollution control, and the organic solvent recovery device brought real profits to the enterprise. If the recovery device does not operate, the operator will be punished, because this loss is not only volatile organic compounds gas, but also "real gold and silver"

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