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NORINCO is developing intelligent mining vehicles

recently, Chang Deming, Secretary of NORINCO, said that the company is developing intelligent mining vehicles to achieve driverless

in recent years, facing the fierce competition in the market and the in-depth adjustment trend of the industry, CNNC has always adhered to the development strategy of "strengthening the main business of tramcars, leading the tramcar industry, enriching the tramcar industry and achieving the great cause of tramcars" and the development idea of "leading industry specialization and diversified sales mode", and is committed to providing customers with "boutique" tramcars with reliable quality, stable operation and outstanding cost performance advantages, Help customers create maximum benefits; We always adhere to the marketing concept of "entering a mine, building a brand, making friends, and expanding a market" and the service concept of "good wife and mother service, permanent value-added support", and are committed to building a full life cycle product quality assurance service system to achieve the ultimate play of product value and worry free use of customers

in 2016, in combination with market demand, northern shares sought a breakthrough in the direction of intelligence, introduced driverless technology to the field of mining dump trucks, and constantly sought innovation in technology and research and development. Just like the goal of NORINCO: to provide users with the most cost-effective mining car in the world and build a world-class mining car enterprise

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