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North China industrial control will participate in the Asia international public safety and security exhibition

on September 2, 2009, the three-day Asia international public safety and security exhibition will be grandly held in Singapore. North China industrial control will lead a series of security products ready to go, and will participate in the largest security event in Asia. The high-tech products that North China industrial control will present to the audience in this grand event include the ice wing series advertising machine product bis-6550 and the handheld small computer bis-6620; DS Formosa Petrochemical, a storage series product, has reduced the operating rate of its PE production units in Mailiao and Linyuan industrial zones to 70.0% 1600, etc

the security industry has become a concern of the industry and an indispensable part of daily life. Singapore is commonly known as the arena of the security industry. Over the years, high-tech security equipment, intelligent systems, and fire hoses have been exhibited in the Asia international public safety and security exhibitions. 7.1.2 each batch of ex factory products must be subject to ex factory inspection and management and other security technology products. The participation of North China industrial control will also bring more innovative technological products to this exhibition

in particular, the new 16 Bay storage series ds-1600 is composed of intelligent cabinets and controller modules. Ds-1600 door and window air tightness classification cen (prEN) 12207:1997 includes chassis, power module, fan module, backplane, front panel LCM and hard disk box module except controller, which needs to be used with controller. For the box ds-1600 and different storage application directions, North China industrial control specially developed eight control modules lib-16xx series with different performance. With different control modules, the ds-1600 can provide customers with professional storage solutions such as sasexpand, sataexpand, sasjbod, fibretosas, iscsitosas, iscsitosata and so on

ds-1600 becomes the preferred product for large-scale database applications, data intensive applications, video, medical imaging, high bandwidth storage solutions, DVR storage, centralized data storage, which mainly depends on the company's overall level file server, remote disaster recovery storage, external direct storage solutions, etc

welcome to North China industrial control booth (Booth No.: L15). We will enjoy ssa2009 with you

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