Changzhou yamadon ultra thin photovoltaic glass is

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Changzhou yamadon ultra-thin photovoltaic glass is recognized as the single champion product of manufacturing industry

in order to speed up the cultivation of leading enterprises with innovative ability and world-class enterprises with global competitiveness, improve the innovation ability, specialization and internationalization level of manufacturing enterprises, and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, according to the implementation plan of special action for the cultivation and improvement of single champion enterprises in manufacturing industry (Ministry of industry and information technology [2016] No. 105), The Ministry of industry and information technology and the China Federation of industrial economics organized this selection activity, and after the demonstration and review of the expert group, the list was announced recently

Mechatronics home learned that recently, Changzhou yamadon Co., Ltd. announced that, The company recently received the "Notice of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China on printing and distributing the list of the fifth batch of manufacturing individual champions and the second batch of manufacturing individual champions (products) that have passed the review" (joint political law letter of the Ministry of industry and information technology [2020] The software of the test system is developed by LabVIEW, including three main functions: real-time display of test data, real-time calculation of time domain eigenvalues and real-time storage of data files The set tacit vibration data collection parameters are as follows: the sampling frequency is 25.6khz, the data length is 204800 points, the data storage interval is 1min, and considering the long duration of the experiment, when the data collection file exceeds 2G, the system will automatically create a new data file In addition, the temperature signal will be stored according to the time interval of saving a group of data every 10min The effective value and temperature value information of each group of vibration data will be displayed in the main interface without any imitation and conditioning link Document No. 51), the company's ultra-thin (thickness ≤ 2mm) high-efficiency antireflection and antireflection photovoltaic glass was recognized as a single champion product by the Ministry of industry and information technology (the fifth batch)

often, but it has some shortcomings, such as complex processes, environmental pollution, high production costs, easy paint removal of parts, etc. since its establishment, yamadon Co., Ltd. has always implemented the business philosophy of "innovation as the source, quality as the root, honesty as the foundation, and value as the core", always adhered to the development concept of technology LED manufacturing, always focused on the glass deep processing industry, and relying on core technology, formed the ultra-thin photovoltaic glass The industrial pattern composed of ultra-thin double glass components and ultra-thin electronic glass strives to make baybrand fr flame retardant polycarbonate ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) mixture, a supplier that provides customers with one-stop services, an ideal material for battery seats and battery modules

Changzhou yamadon Co., Ltd. said that the company's selection into the list of the fifth batch of single champion products in the manufacturing industry is an affirmation of the company's technical strength and industry position in the photovoltaic industry, helps to enhance the company's brand influence, and has a positive impact on the company's business operation. In the future, the company will continue to increase investment in innovation, continuously improve its core competitiveness and market influence, and create greater value for shareholders and society

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