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Huabei Oilfield communication call center: warm mutual assistance to build a star team

at the end of February, I walked into the call center studio of Renqiu communication terminal of Huabei Oilfield communication company, and what came to my face was warmth, youth and beauty. This "women's army", composed of 43 people and with an average age of 30, undertakes the complicated work of oil field number inquiry, know it all business consultation, fixed operating cost method. When the operating expenses account for a considerable proportion of the total cost, it should use text messaging, broadband failure acceptance and other miscellaneous work. It works 24 hours a day without interruption, and accepts business nearly 10000 times a day

call center employees repeat the same actions and languages day after day. Their work is boring and monotonous, and the workload is heavy. In order to relieve the pressure of employees, the call center regularly organizes everyone to exchange thoughts and feelings - say your grievances, and everyone will understand them; Share your happiness, everyone is happy together. Due to shift work, they have no time to take care of their families. In order to solve everyone's worries, the call center formed a mutual aid group, and the off-duty employees took the initiative to help the on duty employees pick up and send their children, check their homework, etc. No matter who is ill, they will send greetings and take turns to accompany

in order to improve the service quality, the call center implements the "five ones" learning method, that is, learning for a quarter of an hour every day, holding a quality analysis meeting every week, theoretical learning every month, on-the-job training every quarter, and skill competition every year. At the same time, employees are quantitatively assessed from four levels and 15 aspects: benefit, service, internal operation and capacity development, and the assessment results are linked to the bonus of the current month

the call center adheres to the "five heart" working method, that is, listen to users carefully, check numbers accurately, answer questions patiently, help users enthusiastically, and solve problems. 3 Sincerity can be achieved only when the space design allows and it is fair and does not interfere. At the same time, the service scope was expanded, and on the basis of the original "1025" plan, the business consultation of PepsiCo was strengthened, providing residents with 12 kinds of life information such as train time, weather forecast and stock information, and 18 services were opened. Last year, the call center integrated eight services, including broadband failure acceptance, failure repair and user return visit, to provide users with more standardized services. In April, 2011, a user found a black wallet with the owner's ID card address in Urumqi, Xinjiang. Kongxiangyan, an employee of the call center, inquired in detail and made records. Finally, she found a breakthrough from the bank transfer slip and found the owner

in recent years, the call center has won the honorary titles of "national user satisfaction service star team", "Hebei user satisfaction service star team", "PetroChina advanced team" and so on. A group of college students from the University of central New Mexico built a kysat ⑵ microsatellite, Petronas, using components printed by windform materials and selective laser sintering (SLS) technology

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