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The North China market continues to pay more attention to Botai label detection equipment

the label detection system independently developed by Shenzhen Botai printing equipment Co., Ltd. has won high praise and high attention from customers since its sale. Recently, customers in North China have continued to increase their enthusiasm for ordering Botai label testing equipment. Following the purchase and re purchase of EuroTech + avt100% quality inspection system by several well-known enterprises in North China, a well-known enterprise in Tianjin has laid the foundation for the large-scale production of plastic products for automobile and aerospace at the China International label exhibition, and ordered two EuroTech + avt100% quality inspection systems at the exhibition site

eurotech + avt100% quality detection system can show an upward trend in the market demand, which is also in line with the market demand and market development trend

the mature EuroTech slitting and rewinding equipment of Shenzhen Botai printing equipment Co., Ltd. adopts the closed-loop tension control mode to uncoil, the standard deviation correction system, the deviation correction and actuator are imported from Europe, and the high-precision heavy-duty wallboard ensures the precision of equipment transmission. EuroTech also adopts the most advanced eccentric cutting knife roller of 6 steel bar pneumatic welding to ensure the most accurate cutting size and realize the stability and accuracy of the whole cutting process. Cutting and cutting can also be waterproof and ash proof. Cutting can be selected by customers or equipped at the same time. At the same time, the combination of the latest generation of EuroTech and the world's top AVT automatic quality inspection Helios system has achieved a complete scheme of 100% offline defect detection. Helios is lower than the previous 2.9% system, which is especially suitable for automatic detection of label packaging and printing. It promises 100% quality assurance to customers, automatically detects every defect according to the established requirements of end users, perfectly monitors every detail on the drum, effectively identifies the outer frame and character area of the print, and can be directly connected with the post press processing equipment, allowing the control operation of defect location and removal of the print. Helio system can detect paper, film, metal foil, laser, various label materials, including transparent and reflective materials

avt100% automatic quality detection system can improve quality for customers and reduce waste; Significantly reduce the existence time of process defects in printing; Improve production and printing efficiency; High return on investment can effectively improve the profitability of customers

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