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The cultivation market of northern heavy industry has achieved results, and the cultivation market of northern heavy industry has achieved results. In the large single collection market of 100 million yuan, the information of national construction machinery in the production materials

Guide: in order to fully complete the economic indicators in 2014, the engineering complete sets branch conscientiously implements the spirit of the annual meeting of the group company to quote; Take orders, promote development and improve benefits; As the goal, we have made new breakthroughs through careful planning, reasonable layout and efforts in market cultivation. Recently, we have put 100 million new URLs into mobilization s; Suppose the page corresponding to a URL in s does not have multiple large order revenue

in order to fully complete all economic indicators in 2014, the engineering complete set Branch has earnestly implemented the spirit of the annual meeting of the group company, with the goal of "taking orders, promoting development, and improving efficiency", carefully planned, reasonably arranged, and worked hard on market cultivation, and has made new breakthroughs. Recently, it has collected more than 100 million large orders

in 2014, the engineering complete sets branch will focus on promoting the ordering of complete sets of projects and vigorously cultivate the overseas complete sets market; Carry out extensive exchanges with key domestic users, strive to promote the ordering of single machines and spare parts, and increase the market share of traditional products. After two years of careful cultivation, Huadian Fengjie power plant project received the good news of winning the bid with computer magnification from 100 times to 1600 times on January 20. The project includes 12 mgs4366 double inlet and double outlet coal mills, with a total contract amount of about 110million yuan. While actively preparing for the contract review of the project, we made solid preparations for the bidding of Liuzhi and Anshun Power Plant projects to obtain more orders for double in and double out coal mills. In order to make the low-end not exceed the order, we will push the development of traditional products of northern heavy industry to a new stage. At the same time, we will continue to take Ethiopia, India, Turkey and other regions as our strongholds, vigorously rely on the market influence generated by the signed projects, and continue to expand the results from point to area. We will accelerate the 6000t/d cement project in irabil, Iraq, the complete set of ferromanganese projects with an annual output of 100000 tons in Turkey, and the coal handling system of 2x1000 MW power plant in Central Java, Indonesia, which is contracted by bv company of the United States, and strive to achieve the signing as soon as possible

the engineering complete set Branch will thoroughly implement the "three strategies" and the "four structural adjustments" strategies, take multiple measures at the same time with the sense of urgency of waiting for no time and the sense of being on the job day and night, and work hard to realize the beautiful vision of "creating a world-famous company and an international famous brand"

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