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Changzhou Jintan Hengfeng gives you a detailed description of the fabricated stainless steel water tank

the common stainless steel water tanks are fabricated stainless steel water tanks, square combined water tanks, vertical cylindrical water tanks, and horizontal circular water tanks. Stainless steel plates such as SUS304, SUS316L and SUS444 are used for stamping. Generally, it is stamped into three sizes, namely 1 * 1m, 1 * 0.5m and 0.5 * 0.5m. The periphery is welded with tungsten argon arc, which has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, low cost, environmental protection and sanitation. The manufacturing standard is the national building standard design atlas 02s101

I. product introduction of fabricated stainless steel water tank

high quality food grade stainless steel SUS304 greatly extends the service life of the water tank. The product is reasonably designed, firm and durable, with light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, impermeability and earthquake resistance, never rust, never crack, and does not produce secondary pollution to water quality. Among them, 50mm imported polyurethane foam layer is used for thermal insulation water tower and thermal insulation water tank, which has small heat loss and good thermal insulation effect; The joint is welded by high-frequency resistance seam welding, which is not easy to rust and water leakage; The inner tank adopts SUS304 stainless steel plate. The structure is unique and reasonable, and the flexible and reasonable plate shape design can be suitable for containers of various size combinations. It not only ensures the maximum pressure bearing needs of the box, but also meets the requirements for the screw port:

1. It is easy to install and can be combined arbitrarily. The unit is made of rectangular stainless steel formed thin plates, which can be assembled into polygonal, stepped, L-shaped and other water tanks according to the location of the equipment

2. It is well made and widely used. It is hydraulically stretched by a precise forming mold, and the core technology of the relevant industry enterprises of the unit rectangular concave convex water tank plate is stripped and formed with high precision. It can be widely used in cold and hot water storage tanks of hotels, apartments, high-rise buildings and manufacturers, and liquid storage containers of food

3, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and chemical industries. Reasons for adding channel steel at the bottom of the stainless steel combined water tank

after the stainless steel plate is made into the bottom plate of the stainless steel combined water tank, if the ground is uneven, it will lead to uneven stress on the bottom plate of the stainless steel combined water tank, which will eventually lead to the service life of the stainless steel combined water tank. Therefore, channel steel needs to be padded to disperse the pressure of the water tank on the ground, so that the bottom of the water tank is stressed evenly. Channel steel plays a role in distributing pressure

4. It is safe, hygienic and durable. The whole system is closed, and the surface of stainless steel material is smooth, not easy to attach algae, and the sediment in the water is also clearly washed. The insulation layer adopts 5.0cm polyurethane foaming, which has good insulation effect and is the best insulation material in the world at present

5. Excellent material selection, corrosion and crack resistance. Austenitic, Ferritic and ultra-low carbon stainless steel plates with excellent performance are used for stretching and pressing, which have unique corrosion resistance and crack resistance

6. The rectangular shaped thin plates are arbitrarily assembled and welded, with contemporary characteristics and beautiful appearance, corresponding matching, and flexible selection

II. What are the advantages of the prefabricated BDF water tank

1. Environmental protection, energy conservation and no secondary pollution

2. Strong applicability, strong corrosion resistance and long service life. The module adopts modular composite type and is installed with screws. Avoid the defect that high-temperature welded stainless steel is severely dechromated and easy to rust

3. The water tank seal adopts a specially developed stereotyped product - sealing belt, which has the advantages of non-toxic, water-resistant, oxidation resistant and good sealing performance. The service life is more than 50 years

4. High structural strength of water tank. The reinforcing part is molded with galvanized steel plate

5. The water tank module is easy to disassemble and assemble, and can be combined arbitrarily after disassembly

6. Strong applicability, convenient installation, no need for special equipment

7. Arbitrary combination size. It can be assembled according to users' needs Cubic meter water tank

8. The sanitary condition of the water tank is good. The part in contact with water is molded with high-quality stainless steel SUS304 plate

III. what are the advantages of stainless steel insulated water tank

1. The strength of stainless steel material used in stainless steel insulation water tank is equivalent to 1.5 times that of conventional materials and 6 times that of FRP. Its characteristics are shock resistance, snow resistance, wind pressure resistance and impact resistance

so as to improve the effectiveness and transparency of the whole value chain

the price is expensive

2. The stainless steel insulation water tank adopts 304 stainless steel material with excellent corrosion resistance to prevent the direct sunlight on the water tank, which does not breed algae, and the intensity of the tank is reduced due to ultraviolet radiation

3. The biggest feature of stainless steel insulated water tank is its low price and good quality. It is not only cheap, but also very beautiful in appearance. It is the best water tank to match modern buildings

4. The stainless steel heat preservation water tank processed and designed by the technical engineer not only has a tough shell, but also reflects the high-quality liner, so that it does not leak

5. During installation, it is mainly welding, which is very easy to cause fire, so we must pay attention to heat insulation before construction, so as to prevent accidents and achieve perfect construction

6. Before installing the stainless steel insulated water tank, we must pay attention to the problem of fire safety. We must meet the requirements of fire building standards in order to achieve fire awareness

IV. what are the characteristics of the fabricated BDF water tank

stainless steel is used as the panel, galvanized plate, aluminized zinc plate or color coated plate is used as the substrate, which is made of high molecular resin polymer after physical and mechanical processing. The new stainless steel clad plate (BDF) uses thinner stainless steel as the panel, which accounts for a low proportion in the clad plate, thus saving the use of precious metals; It also has the multiple advantages of stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and carbon steel of Nike, Adidas, Chanel, 3star, Anta and other domestic and foreign first-line brands, which increases the service life of the material. Therefore, the new stainless steel clad plate (BDF) is a green energy-saving material

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