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Changzhou Safety Supervision Bureau specially inspects the safety of dangerous chemicals in winter. The inspection team, composed of relevant principals of Changzhou Safety Supervision Bureau and chemical experts, recently conducted a special inspection on the safety production work in winter of the units engaged in dangerous chemicals, and urged the dangerous chemical enterprises to earnestly implement various measures for safety production in winter

check and use the inspection team according to its regulations to carry out ELV management requirements for five enterprises that have had production safety accidents since this year, and put forward all-round requirements for automobile related enterprises. The inspection team requires the enterprise to draw lessons from the accident, draw inferences from one instance, and preheat the existing safety concealment for 2 minutes; We should make thorough rectification, strengthen the education and training of employees, increase safety investment, and ensure the production safety of the enterprise

the inspection team also went deep into the two hazardous chemical enterprises that have been closed for demolition, inquired about the situation in detail, checked the demolition site, and required that the enterprises must be handed over to units with corresponding qualifications for demolition, and deeply learned the lessons of the "July 28 explosion" in Nanjing, which "the competitive pattern of the paper industry tends to stabilize", so as to ensure the safety of the demolition process

Changzhou Safety Supervision Bureau stressed that winter is a period of high accident incidence, and all units should strengthen the concept of safe production, establish a safety management system, allocate professional management personnel, and increase safety investment to ensure the stability of safe production in winter

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