The hottest North Enlong introduces h730d binaural

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Beien grand promotion ②: h730d dual headset noise reduction headset

h730dusb dual headset noise reduction -- built-in special noise reduction chip and two sets of microphones, using enc noise reduction technology to separate the call voice from the background noise, and realize active pickup in a noisy environment. Now it is necessary to reduce noise through the spring coil machine in a heated state, so that the call can achieve face-to-face HD effect

high definition digital language has strong water permeable sound call at the same time, maintaining the clarity of the speaker's voice and the original sound. 4. Data processing software package effect

dual microphone pickup function. If the body temperature cannot be solved within a certain time, active noise reduction

broadband voice, binaural stereo

usb connection, plug and play

electronic volume adjustment, support up to 50 levels of headphone volume adjustment

wire control mute function, Turn off the microphone to send calls

work indicator and call breathing light display

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