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Changzhou intelligent agricultural machinery and other intelligent equipment are listed in the pilot list of innovative industrial clusters

according to the pilot list of the third batch of innovative industrial clusters released by the Ministry of science and technology, Changzhou photovoltaic innovative industrial cluster, Wujin robot and intelligent equipment innovative industrial cluster are among them, accounting for 40% of the total approved in the province

Changzhou photovoltaic innovative industrial cluster takes Tianhe photovoltaic industrial park in Changzhou National High tech Zone as the main development carrier, and Tianhe solar energy Co., Ltd. as the leading enterprise, including the distance between the surrounding billion crystal support rollers. The annual production capacity of phase I is about 100000 tons. The "vertical integration" industrial cluster of photovoltaic production supporting facilities is jointly created by listed backbone enterprises such as Optronics, Huasheng Tianlong, yamadon, Shunfeng optoelectronics, etc. through cooperation, mutual benefit and mutual benefit. The solar photovoltaic industry has become one of the most complete, technologically advanced and competitive industries in the city's "top ten industrial chains", with the characteristics of high industrial agglomeration density, strong innovation ability and rapid development. In 2016, the total sales revenue of industrial clusters exceeded 69 billion yuan, accounting for the first market share in the world. The number of enterprises joining industrial clusters has increased from 38 in 2008 to 180 now, of which 9.2) the required experimental method standards: gb/t 228 (2) 010, gb/t 14452 (9) 3, gb/t 7314 (2) 005 36 listed enterprises, 50 photovoltaic enterprises above Designated Size, and the photovoltaic cell output is 11.3gw, accounting for 24.1% of the national battery output. Photovoltaic industry has become a business card with unique regional characteristics and advantages of "Changzhou intelligent manufacturing"

Wujin robot and intelligent equipment innovative industrial cluster relies on the domestic leading robot and intelligent equipment manufacturing industry in Wujin national high tech Zone as the main carrier, and focuses on industrial robots, service robots, high-end CNC machine tools, intelligent engineering machinery, intelligent textile machinery, rail transit design, intelligent agricultural machinery and other robots and intelligent equipment, with strong overall strength. At present, there are nearly 160 robot and intelligent equipment related enterprises in the park. Another option for them is usually to use all carbon long fiber composites to achieve the necessary modulus improvement; However, there are nearly 20 R & D service institutions for robots and intelligent equipment, nearly 1000 high-end R & D technical talents, and the leading industry of robots and intelligent equipment has achieved an output value of 42.1 billion yuan, an increase of 20% year-on-year; Strive to achieve the output value of robot and intelligent equipment application industry exceeding 100billion yuan by 2019, and the output value of radiation driven related industries exceeding 50billion yuan, so as to form an industrial cluster with international leading position and competitive advantage in the application sub field of robot and intelligent equipment industry, and build the park into one of the regions with the highest concentration of robot and intelligent equipment industry in China

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