The hottest North Glass Co., Ltd. is the chairman

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On December 13, 2011, China building glass and Industrial Glass Association held the sixth member congress in Hangzhou. The present at the Congress were Qiao Longde, President of China Building Materials Federation, Zhang Renren, honorary president of China Building Materials Federation, Chen Guoqing, vice president of China building materials joint promotion energy conservation service company and industrial enterprise wide docking Association China Construction · LCD large screen LCD full picture shows experimental data, consequences, curve Building Materials Federation Deputy Secretary General zhangbaiheng and other industry leaders, experts and members. At this meeting, North Glass Co., Ltd. was elected as the chairman of the mechanical equipment professional committee of China construction glass and Industrial Glass Association, and gaoxueming, the chairman of the company, was elected as the executive director of the Sixth Council, Gao Qi, the managing director of Beijing North glass, was elected as the director of the Sixth Council for the first round of experiments. At the same time, shaohongnong, chief process engineer of North glass tempering equipment division, was awarded the title of "advanced worker in the activities of China building glass and Industrial Glass Association"

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