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Northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. was pre evaluated as a green enterprise by Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau

Northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. was pre evaluated as a green enterprise by Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau

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recently, the group company received a notice from the economic and Technological Development Zone Branch of Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau that northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. was evaluated as a green enterprise by Shenyang enterprise environmental credit rating evaluation group

the environmental protection credit rating of environmental enterprises is an important innovation of environmental policies. The environmental protection department evaluates the environmental behavior of enterprises according to the behavior information of enterprises and the relevant specified indicators, methods and procedures. The evaluation results are divided into five grades: very good (excellent environmental behavior), good (Environmental compliance), general (basically meeting the requirements of environmental management), poor (Environmental Violation) Very poor (serious illegal) 5 levels. What is the reason why the rise and fall of electronic universal machines don't work for more direct performance? Clearly, these five grades are marked with five colors: green, blue, yellow, red and black

according to the 17 indicators of pollutant emission, environmental management and social impact of the group company and the daily inspection and assessment of the company by the development zone and Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau, our company was included in the first batch of evaluation and assessment of environmental credit rating of Shenyang enterprises in 2018. After discussion and assessment by the credit rating evaluation leading group of Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau, it was unanimously determined that the group company was pre evaluated as a green enterprise, and the evaluation results will be publicized to the public, We also take the following environmental protection measures for our company. 8. GB 11998 (1) 989 plastic glass transition temperature measurement method (thermomechanical analysis method) management and 1. Preferential measures for load error exceeding ± 1.0% or instability: first, reduce the frequency of daily supervision and inspection; Second, give priority to environmental protection special fund projects and other demonstration projects that provide financial subsidies; Third, enjoy relevant procedural reductions and preferential policies when handling the approval of scientific and technological projects; Fourth, when new expansion and reconstruction projects need to add new total emission control indicators of key pollutants, they should be included in the adjustment order and given priority; Fifth, give priority to recommendation in the evaluation and priority activities organized by the administrative department of environmental protection, and directly issue positive opinions in the evaluation and priority activities organized by relevant departments, trade unions, especially reliability experiment organizations, industry associations and other relevant institutions in the qualification examination of deputies to the National People's Congress and CPPCC members; Sixth, it is suggested that when determining and adjusting the government procurement directory, the finance and other relevant departments should give priority to the inclusion of their products or services in the directory; Seventh, the banking financial institutions should provide active credit support policies; VIII. Other incentive measures stipulated by the state or local governments

the achievements lie in maintaining and adhering to, operating in accordance with laws and regulations, building a green manufacturing enterprise, and cherishing honors. The group company will further do a good job in environmental protection, consciously abide by relevant laws and regulations on environmental protection, continue to promote cleaner production, carry out energy conservation and consumption reduction, improve resource utilization, turn waste into treasure, and regularly do a good job in environmental protection education and training and various new environmental management measures, Form a good atmosphere in the whole company that I want to protect the environment, I am for the environment and I can protect the environment. Make concerted efforts, adhere to the practice that environmental issues should focus on the big and start with the small, and make continuous efforts to promote enterprises to achieve the win-win goal of ecological and economic benefits, and make positive efforts for the beautiful environment of green mountains, blue sky and clear water in Shenyang

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