Basic requirements for underground mining of the h

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Basic requirements for underground mining of metal mines

1. Have good working conditions to ensure the safety of mining work

2. Good environmental protection conditions

3. It has efficient mining means

a. high labor productivity

b. mining cost should be low

c. mining intensity should be large Or the calculation of structural design

d. high degree of mechanization

4 With the ability of sustainable development

A. less loss and dilution

B. improve the recovery rate

C. improve the resource utilization rate

2.2 division of underground mining units of metal mines

2.2.1 all accepted papers will be included in the division of mining areas in the paper

1 Ore field: a mineral deposit or part thereof that is mined by a mining enterprise

2. Minefield: a mineral deposit or part thereof that is classified as a mine

mine: pithead with independent and complete mining system

3 Division factor: it is a combination of artificial division factor and geological factor

2.2.2 division of mining sections:

1 Stage: when mining the inclined ore body, excavate the transportation roadway along the strike stage at a certain vertical distance in the mine field, and divide the mine field into long strip-shaped ore sections called stage or middle section

stage height: vertical distance between two roadways

2. Ore block: within the stage range, along the strike, every certain distance Excavate the vertical raise and divide the stage into smaller blocks called ore blocks

ore block is the most basic unit of underground mining

3. Classification factors: according to the mining method

2.2.3 water can promote scientific and technological innovation and industrial progress. The division of orebody mining areas

1 Panel: when mining slightly inclined ore bodies, transport roadways are excavated along the strike in the mine field, and the mine field is divided into long strip-shaped ore sections called panels

2. Mining area: in the panel, the transportation roadway is excavated vertically, and the panel is divided into smaller ore sections called mining areas

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