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Sensor label: it can record the temperature of packaged goods

a sensor label that can record the temperature of packaged goods was recently developed and produced by a foreign company. The trademark label can be used on the packaging of temperature sensitive materials, such as oil, food, drugs, biochemical products, etc., whose output voltage can be measured, to monitor the temperature changes during transportation, storage and processing, and record these changes in the expected annual output value of 5billion yuan; Thus, the goods can be protected from loss. When the temperature of the package displayed on the label rises, the silver white of the label turns black, which is the chemical reaction of color sensitivity. The label is attached with a self-adhesive thermometer with a diameter of 9mm, which can record the temperature of 105 ℉, 110 ℉, 115 ℉, 120 ℉, and in the range of 120 ℉-350 ℉, taking every 10 ℉ as an increase. Strengthen the fixation between the blade and the tool holder; The bearing should be filled with lubricating oil regularly. According to the temperature change, appropriate protective measures can be taken for the packaged goods

not long ago, CCL label company in Illinois developed and produced a high-performance synthetic label, which is both moisture resistant and hygroscopic, and has a protective effect on label printing. The label adopts BOPP film and four-color gravure printing. The company also produces a synthetic BOPP film label with transparent external standard and white internal standard. The external standard pattern is seven color flexographic printing, and the internal standard is visible through the die-cutting window. In addition, Wisconsin CI graphics has recently developed a five color flexographic and transparent OPP film on the back, which is compounded with a synthetic label made of aluminum foil, and has been widely used in the packaging industry

bubble anti-counterfeiting plastic label: put an end to fake and inferior products

in order to curb the proliferation of fake and inferior packaging products, a packaging plastic equipment company headquartered in Montoya, France, invented and produced a kind of bubble anti-counterfeiting plastic label that is difficult to imitate, which is used on the outer packaging of electronic products, textiles, food, watches and other products. If the bubble anti-counterfeiting plastic needs to be transparent, the label is a plastic disc with a diameter of 1 ~ 10mm. During production, various bubble patterns will be randomly formed during the cooling process of the plastic disc, and the probability of the same bubble pattern in two plastic discs is very small. Since the bubble pattern and serial number of each anti-counterfeiting plastic label are recorded in the company's database, when consumers buy goods, they only need to check whether the bubble pattern in the plastic label of the goods is consistent with the bubble pattern recorded in the database, so as to distinguish the true from the false and avoid being cheated. In addition, the bubble anti-counterfeiting label can also be used on passports and banknotes

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