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Sensor technology is an eye-catching and rapidly developing high-tech in the world today. It is also an important symbol of the development of contemporary science and technology. It, together with communication technology and computer technology, constitutes one of the three pillars of the information industry. It is also the extension of human five senses and the basis for the interconnection of all things. At present, technological products are changing with each passing day. In 2017, industry 4.0, industrial IOT, industrial robots and smart factories are dazzling. In the future, people's lives may be inseparable from the most basic sensors in all aspects, which is a great opportunity for the sensor industry

sensor technology came out in the mid-20th century. In the early stage, it was mostly used for scientific research and development of national projects and experimental research in the field of military science, technology, aerospace in various countries. With the development of machinery industry, electronics, computing automation and other related information industries in various countries, sensor technology has developed rapidly, emerging in the fields of optoelectronics, biology and scientific engineering. Temperature, gas, pressure, liquid level, displacement, ultrasonic and other sensors have entered people's life

the first is the field of biopharmaceutical. Recently, the school of chemical engineering of Yangzhou University successfully developed a new biosensor, which can not only be used to detect markers of myeloma, hepatitis and other diseases, but also detect clenbuterol and pesticide residues in food detection. The whole process from sample collection to injection, detection and medical analysis takes about 20 minutes, and the sensitivity is increased by 500 times to 0.05 micrograms per liter. The biosensor has rapid measurement response and reached the international advanced level. Once launched, it has been favored by major general hospitals

there is also good news in the fields of national defense, industry and agriculture, and new breakthroughs have been made in the research and development of infrared sensor technology. Recently, Maxon has launched a new micro far-infrared sensor, which can meet a variety of applications of accurate temperature measurement. The new infrared sensor has strong environmental adaptability, good concealment, excellent ability to identify camouflaged targets, and has the advantages of small size, light weight and low power consumption. It can be used in the fields of gas composition analysis, nondestructive testing, thermal image detection, infrared remote sensing, reconnaissance, search, tracking and communication of military targets

in the field of science and technology, the Institute of physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences used a new gold stripping method to process molybdenum disulfide with a clean surface. 4. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the potentiometer of the industrial control box to fine tune the knob field effect transistor in the working state, so as to realize the smart response to water molecules. The humidity sensor processed from molybdenum disulfide sample based on ultra clean surface has the characteristics of high sensitivity, short response time and recovery time, long service life and high spatial resolution. It can be widely used in the field of non-contact positioning system and two-dimensional material multifunctional flexible sensor array in the future

sensor technology can also be closely related to the lives of ordinary people. Recently, based on the wearable ionic humidity sensor for skin moisture detection, Suzhou nanotechnology Institute has further studied the wearable sweat sensor. At present, new progress has been made in the research. The new sensor innovatively designs a wearable "sweat belt" sweat sensing device with sweat collection, transportation and discharge structure. The sensor chip is integrated with the sweat belt, which can be worn comfortably and conveniently with the forehead area of the human body. It can carry out real-time continuous analysis and monitoring of electrolytes in the process of human movement, and the monitoring of dehydration in the process of people's fitness movement. It has a wide application prospect

in addition, ultra sensitive pulse sensor has been successfully developed, which can be used to diagnose cardiovascular diseases; The new paper sensor can detect antioxidant compounds; Silk sensor can be used for human health monitoring; Tactile sensors can be integrated with electronic products such as, watches, etc; Wind speed sensor can detect the risk of railway tunnel; Quantum sensors can be used to study the microstructure of matter, the motion of molecules and atoms, and so on. It can realize the full digital three closed-loop control of force, deformation and displacement. In the future, beyond scientific research, sensor technology will be closely connected with human clothing, food, housing and transportation. The era of interconnection of everything has arrived

China's sensor market started relatively late. Today, with the industrialization and large-scale development of sensor technology, the government has also opened a green development channel in the sensor field with a relative humidity of no more than 80%. In the three-year action plan for promoting the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence industry recently issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, intelligent sensors are ranked first in the core foundation. In the plan, it is proposed to develop new intelligent sensors for biology, gas and pressure with broad market prospects. It is emphasized that by 2020, piezoelectric wire will put forward new requirements for materials, and the performance of sensors, magnetic sensors, infrared sensors and so on will be significantly improved. Pressure sensors within the level should be commercially available, and magnetic sensors with a weak magnetic field resolution of 1pt should be mass produced

opportunities are often accompanied by challenges, and the sensor industry is also facing many problems. At present, China's sensor industry is at a critical stage of development from traditional to new sensors, and new sensors are developing towards miniaturization, multifunction, digitization, intelligence, systematization and networking. Combined with the national conditions, in the process of industrialization of sensor technology in China, how to develop sensors that meet the market trend and the requirements of the plan, and how to make sensors stand out among similar sensors have become a new topic for researchers in the sensor field. Under the trend of the general environment, only by following the trend of the development of the times, can we have the right direction, master the core technology, and be invincible. For the sensor industry, only by seizing the great development opportunity, paying attention to research and development and market demand, can we improve

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