Skirting control device of the hottest bonding mac

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Bonding machine skirting control device


bonding machine skirting control device includes programmable controller, intermediate relay, solenoid valve and photoelectric switch. The programmable controller controls the intermediate relay, which is connected to the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve controls the kicking action, and then marks the carton. The photoelectric switch counts the carton. Its structural feature is that the output of the photoelectric switch is connected to the encoder, the encoder counts the cartons passing through the photoelectric switch, and the output of the encoder 1. The structure of the spring testing machine is connected to the programmable controller, which is read and calculated by the high-speed calculator built in the programmable controller, and the output signal of the programmable controller is sent to the intermediate relay, so as to control the solenoid valve and the third action of kicking. The foot control device of the bonding machine can accurately control the highly competitive action of the solenoid valve and the foot, realize the accurate measurement of the number of cartons by the bonding machine, and kick the parts of the cartons that need to be kicked accurately

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