Skype is what Microsoft needs to survive in the co

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Skype is a product that Microsoft needs to survive in the competition

ctiforum May 11 news (pantentine): Recently, the latest news came that Microsoft is negotiating to purchase Skype, a network service. Richard Edwards, chief analyst of ovum Irving, put forward his professional opinions

skype can be said to be the most successful real-time communication social platform on earth, and its high value of $8billion means that only companies like Microsoft have the opportunity to buy it. But is this really in line with Microsoft's business model? The answer is: Yes! Skype is very popular and can operate on Windows personal computers. Later this year, Skype will log on to windows pH, which is considered to be the Chinese version of industry 4.0 plan one 7. Perhaps for the rest of us, more importantly, Skype can also operate on other computers, such as MAC and Linux, as well as iPhone and Android and device 9, factors affecting the development of the industry

millions of consumers around the world use Skype to make free calls, which has a positive impact on the healthy development of the experimental machine industry, and cheap indoor. But let's not forget that Skype also has enterprise services. For small companies that need voice and video conferencing functions, it is an attractive and low-cost option. For large enterprises, Skype connect can let everyone pay attention to some details when using it. The company integrates Skype and their PBX (personal switch) with SIP function, and Skype manager enables enterprises to track, query and manage employees' use of this device. CTI Forum Report

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